12 Feb
Choosing a Containers for Change donation partner

Choosing a Containers for Change donation partner

Following from our earlier article, we discussed how to donate your container refund to a cause of your choice. Today we cover why you should think carefully before choosing a donation partner, and some tips on how to do that. 

Make your donation count 

Community groups, charities, and not-for-profits are the backbone of our community. They run programs to engage our youth, provide free health and community services, or support those in need. Without them, many would be left without essential resources or support. 

With Containers for Change, it’s easy to support a cause and make sure they continue the good work they’re doing. When you drop off your containers, you can choose to drop off at a refund point run by your chosen cause, or nominate your funds towards one through your Scheme ID. 

But how can you choose the right donation partner for you? Here’s some helpful questions to consider. 

What’s important to you? 

It’s key to follow your gut when choosing where your refund should go. Every 10c counts, so ask yourself what you want your donation to go towards. What do you want your donation to achieve? 

What will they use your donation for? 

There are a lot of causes and charities out there fighting for different things. But  do they all tell you what your donation is used for? It’s a good idea to research where exactly your funds are going. 

For Workpower, it’s simple. All our profits goes towards supporting people with disability to achieve their goals. This could mean: 

Do they also give back to the community? 

In today’s world, consumers value transparency, honesty, and social responsibility. Organisations and not-for-profits that support those people around them, not only themselves, are the ones to look out for. 

Search for a cause with strong integrity that gives back – not only their designated cause – but to the wider community.  

Being for the community doesn’t stop at supporting people with disability. We support others where we can, like helping schools build new play equipment or providing a public space for youth and local artist activities. 

Once you’ve had a good think, you’ll be ready to start making your donations count when June comes along. Keep an eye on our page for the latest Containers for Change updates, or get in touch with us at 1800 610 665 or on email today.