08 Jun
City of Stirling and BRS are NALG Category Winners!

City of Stirling and BRS are NALG Category Winners!

Our strong partnership with the City of Stirling continues to provide incredible outcomes. And now it’s been recognised by the National Awards for Local Government (NALG)!

Since August 2016 we have managed the Balcatta Recycling Shop (BRS) on behalf of the City of Stirling, using an innovative, integrated social enterprise model. It’s been a great success: we’ve been able to provide incredible opportunities for people with disability, and promote waste management and sustainability, all in one go!

And now, the City of Stirling has received the Disability Access and Inclusion Category Award! The judging occurred yesterday at the Crown Plaza in Canberra, and the winners will be invited to the Award Presentation held in Canberra on the 19 June. We wish them the best of luck!

Leading the way with inclusion

Sponsored by the Department of Social Services (DSS), this particular award recognises a commitment to engaging with people with disability, their families, and carers. It also recognises outstanding services and policies that allow people with disability to engage in community life.

That is exactly what the BRS aims to provide. Our workforce is made up of 50% of people with disability being paid full award rates per industry. But that’s not all. Working at the BRS also gives employees:

  • opportunities to engage with the community
  • a boost in self-confidence and a sense of belonging
  • industry experience and skills to further their careers

With almost 16,000 visitors per month, the BRS is the perfect avenue for providing awareness and engagement within the community. We’ve also been awarded the DES Provider/Local Government Partnership Award at last year’s Lighthouse Awards. Going forward, we hope to continue working closely with the City of Stirling towards more opportunities and better outcomes.

Congratulations again to the City of Stirling on their win, and best of luck for the final decision!

The BRS is your one-stop destination for waste disposal, recycling, and finding quality secondhand goods. Make sure to drop by one day to see it for yourself – we’re located at 238 Balcatta Road, Perth!