07 Oct
CJ graduates from Mandurah Barista Training

CJ graduates from Mandurah Barista Training

One of our Community Support Officers Beth shares with us a fantastic day spent with one of our customers, Crystal Jade (CJ).  

I had a wonderful opportunity to be in attendance when CJ completed a basic barista course at the Mandurah Barista Training Centre

CJ attended our last Customised Employment Program (CEP) where a group spent the day doing work experience at the Training Centre. They learned what it’s like to work as a barista and had a go at making some coffees. CJ enjoyed this experience and decided that she wanted to learn more about working as a barista. To do this she decided that the first step was to learn the basic skills in a beginner’s course. 

On the day of the barista course CJ was feeling anxious, but after talking about it on the trip there, she was able to calm down and focus on the exciting challenge ahead. 

Coffee-making 101 

Three ladies joined CJ in the beginner’s course led by instructors Janelle and Jan. 

The first thing they looked at were the types of coffee beans available and the difference in taste, texture, and smell. They also learned how coffee beans are blended to make the perfect mix of flavours. 

CJ and her peers then moved onto learning about the coffee machine and the equipment they would be using. The group started with making the traditional espresso and practiced preparing and tampering the grounds to get the desired effect. 

After this, CJ moved onto frothing the milk. At this point she began to feel a bit anxious but with encouragement and guidance from Jan she kept going and was able to practice her techniques. The group practiced preparing the milk to the right consistency for cappuccinos and flat whites. 

The final drink to learn was a macchiato. I was memerised by the drink CJ made as it had a fantastic colour, smell, and was topped off with a perfect dollop of foam on top. In just one day she had learned the foundations of quality coffee-making; not an easy task! 

The course finished with cleaning the equipment to be ready for use the next day. At the end of the course CJ had a huge smile on her face as she received her completion certificate. I saw her stand taller with pride that she had completed and passed the course all by herself. It was inspiring to see her conquer her fears and achieve this significant milestone. 

I would also like to share the amazing support the Mandurah Barista Training Centre provide to the Mandurah community. The coffees made during training are provided to the homeless and used coffee grounds are donated for gardening use. Thank you for helping us create opportunities for our people to learn new skills! 

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