05 Mar
Cleaning up for Clean Up Day 2021

Cleaning up for Clean Up Day 2021

Due to the community restrictions, Australians spent more time at home and created more waste. In fact, over a third reported creating more waste in 2020 than in any other year. But with COVID-19 restrictions lowered, it’s time to clean up our act in 2021.

Read below for all the ways we can clean up for Clean Up Day.  

How to clean up in 2021

Shop sustainably 

One of the first and easiest changes you can make is to think before you buy. There are a number of items that can only be used once, don’t break down easily, or sold in unnecessary packaging.  

By choosing more eco-friendly substitutes you can reduce your waste straight away.  

Reconsider buying: 

  • Plastic straws  
  • Balloons and streamers  
  • Plastic cutlery, cups, and plates 
  • Packaged produce 
  • Bottled water  
  • Plastic bags  

Choose to reuse 

Part of cleaning up your waste is using and reusing what you already have. This could be involve: 

  • Fixing broken appliances  
  • Altering your clothes and accessories 
  • Using your own cutlery for picnics or parties  

Reusing also means choosing to buy secondhand.  

There are plenty of good quality household items, furniture, and tools that can be found at recycling shops across WA. You can also donate your unwanted items and pick up something preloved at great price. 

Make sure to visit recycling shops like Tamala Park and Balcatta this weekend! 

Don’t throw – recycle instead 

There are many ways to recycle materials like plastics, metals, and e-waste in a sustainable way. Here’s what you can do: 

  • Cardboard, paper and foil: In your local household bin 
  • Containers and bottles: Collect and cash them in for a 10c refund 
  • Plastic bags: Recycle these at a REDcycle drop off point 
  • Plastics and polystyrene: At recycling centres like Tamala Park and Balcatta 

We’ll be sharing more ways to clean up your act later this month, so keep an eye out for us! To for about our recycling services, contact us at 1800 610 665 or on email.