05 Jan
Clinton takes the lead for safety!

Clinton takes the lead for safety!

Community Support Officer Axel shares with us what he’s been up to and how well he’s taken on his role as Safety Champion! He’s stepped up as the Safety representative for the Kalamunda Governor Stirling Archery Club all by himself.

Clinton is a young man who is keen to try new experiences. Together, we’ve tried many activities and expanded his interests for healthy living, cooking, fitness, and well-being. Over the months I’ve watched him grow in confidence. His social skills developed exponentially, and I’m thrilled with his progress.

When looking for more activities to encourage Clinton’s interests, we found the Kalamunda Governor Stirling Archery Club. Located in the quiet local bushland of Maida Vale, they provide shooting sessions for beginners to regulars.

Suffice to say, Clinton loves it. It’s improved his fine motor skills and concentration significantly. Now a large part of the club, he’s built a strong relationship with coordinators Steven and Geoff, and helps them set up the shooting range.

Safety hero to the rescue

Archery is dangerous, and people can get seriously injured if they don’t follow correct procedures. Clinton quickly recognised this. After some discussion he decided to take action. With my help, he devised a detailed Site Safety Procedure to ensure safety during practice!

The checklist includes the correct pickup of equipment and listening to the whistle for when it’s safe to shoot or collect your arrows. The procedure is precise and thorough from start to finish. It even specifies that the ‘Safety Champion’, aka Clinton, wears a high visibility vest during the procedure!

What an incredible outcome for everyone involved – including club coordinators Steven and Geoff who appreciate the help. But most of all, well done to Clinton! He showcased his initiative, independence, and strong consideration for the safety of others.

 You’re a champion, Clinton!

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