16 Dec
Closing the loop on waste with Sustainable Salons

Closing the loop on waste with Sustainable Salons

In October 2019, we entered an exciting, new partnership with Sustainable Salons. Together we’re helping businesses across WA recover waste and give back to the environment! 

Saying goodbye to salon waste 

Sustainable Salons runs an innovative resource recovery program with beauty salons, barbers, dermal clinics, and pet grooming salons across Australia. These businesses recycle many materials that usually go to landfill. This includes: 

  • plastic bottles  
  • metal and glass 
  • paper and cardboard 
  • hair product chemicals 
  • hair clippings 

Materials like plastic are recycled and reused, while hair is collected into stockings used to clean up oil spills in our oceans. Longer hair clippings are donated to make wigs for people living with hair loss or cancer. 

Recycle for the future 

To help them reach their sustainable goals, our recycling team will process these materials from 40 salons across Perth and Mandurah. Materials are collected twice a week, sorted, and prepared for delivery to different recycling providers. 

This is a huge opportunity to close the loop on waste and promote sustainable industry practices.  

As a result, we successfully applied for a $24,000 Waste Authority grant towards this initiative. This enables us to invest in cardboard, plastic, and paper processing machinery to streamline the recycling process.  

“We are excited to collaborate with Sustainable Salons and open more doors to opportunity for people with disability across WA,”

says Workpower CEO Lee Broomhall.  

The grant will give our employees the opportunity to learn the recycling process and develop proficiency using the equipment. The skills and work experience they gain are key for securing employment in the growing waste management industry. 

Alongside new skills, our employees will also be able to build their independence. This will help them work towards their goals. 

We would like to thank the Waste Authority for their generous support! 

For further information about our supports and services, contact us at 1800 610 665 or on email.