18 Dec
Closure dates for 2018

Closure dates for 2018

Thank you for choosing us

With each year our organisation grows bigger and stronger. In the last financial year we provided 1,702 people with community or employment supports. And 405 of them joined us for the first time.

This is an incredible outcome that wouldn’t be possible without your support. We’ve had the privilege to work with many incredible individuals, community groups, and organisations this year, and form new connections with many others.

To all our supporters, partners, and customers of our services and supports: thank you for choosing us this year! We look forward to working with you again in 2019!

Closure dates

As the end of the year is in sight, our sites will be closing for different days over the holiday break.

  • Community Programs: Closed from 22nd December and will return on 4th January 2019. A skeleton staff will continue to provide supports during this period.
  • Balcatta Recycling Shop: We are open every day during the holiday season with normal hours except for Christmas Day and New Year’s day.
  • DAAP: Closed from 21st December to 6th January 2019 inclusive.
  • Packaging and Warehousing: All sites will be closed from 20th December to 7th January 2019 inclusive, with some skeleton crew working to fulfill contract needs.
  • A skeleton crew at Bibra Lake will be working on the fire extinguishers contract.
  • Environmental Services: Closed from 22nd December to 2nd January 2019 inclusive.
  • Nursery: Closed from 21st December until 1st January 2019 inclusive.
  • Property Services: We continue to operate through the holidays except for 24th December and 31st January 2019.
  • Café: Closed from 15th December to 7th January 2019 inclusive.
  • Fire and Electrical Services: Closed from 20th December to 7th January 2019 inclusive.
  • Corporate Services: Closed from 22nd December to 6th January 2019 inclusive, with some staff working intermittently.

For specific enquiries regarding closure dates, please contact the division manager or supervisor. Otherwise, you can contact us here or at 1800 610 665.

If you require any changes to your supports during this period please contact us and we’ll be happy to accomodate you.

Thank you again for a great year, and we wish you all a safe and joyful holiday season!