16 Jun
Co-Design First Class Committee sets agenda for service improvement

Co-Design First Class Committee sets agenda for service improvement

Workpower’s innovative Co-Design Committee is set to bring new ideas for service improvement of Workpower’s supports and services.

It has been a busy few months for the Committee members. Since the launch of the Co-Design project in February, they have:

  • learned how Workpower provides supports and what’s involved;
  • met with Workpower’s leadership team;
  • discussed the role of a Support Coach and the many ways they can assist them ; and
  • brainstormed what is expected, needed and desired from their supports.

Five workshops later, the Workpower First Class Committee (as its now known) have explored different ideas relating to Workpower services. Members have been involved in different interactive activities, such as interviewing different members of Workpower’s team, including CEO Lee Broomhall.

Members of the Committee take turns to roleplay what it’s like to be a Workpower support coach, manager, or executive. By doing so, they can better consider the supports they receive and how they are provided.

Getting into action

In the latest workshop, committee leader and Manager Quality and Safeguards, Axel Carrington led a reflection on the previous sessions. With that in mind, they set some goals to achieve and assigned roles and responsibilities to each member.

Developing roles

Assigning roles and responsibilities is also an opportunity for members to take initiative, build confidence, and develop independence.

A crucial part of the Co-Design project is for customers to take ownership of the project and the role they play in shaping their services.

Understanding the mechanics behind the supports they receive from Workpower can help each person make better choices and improve control across all their services.

We look forward to seeing what ideas and recommendations the First Class Committee comes up with next!

Get involved

The Co-Design project is an exciting opportunity for Workpower customers to shape the services and supports they want. If you’d like to know more or want to be a part of the journey, then email Axel Carrington.

For more about how Workpower supports people with disability in the community call 1800 610 665 or email us here.