06 Apr
Collaborating to support the community

Collaborating to support the community

After many years in the disability sector, Workpower has become well known for our adaptability and innovation. We always seek new opportunities to provide support for people with disability in the community.

We’re well known in WA as a service provider for people with disability in the community and in employment. We strive to create new opportunities for our employees, that also provide considerable benefits for the wider business community.

With additional health and safety measures in place, we are keen to keep our employees in meaningful work and continue to provide goods and services for our valued clients.

Supporting our economy

We operate many commercial businesses, at several locations across the metropolitan area, that provide valuable employment for over 500 staff and people with disabilities.

Some of the contracts we are currently working on are listed below.

  • Workpower provides essential fire protection services to the State Government. This service is managed by our  Fire & Electrical Services business, which provides fire protection equipment testing and services to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services across WA.
  • We currently have environmental services teams planting seedlings in wetland sumps, road verges and median strips on the NorthLink WA project, a major WA project. NorthLink WA will provide a vital transport link between Morley and Muchea, reducing travel times and congestion, and provide significant productivity benefits to the economy, industry, motorists and local communities.
  • We are storing and managing emergency school room furniture for the Department of Education at our Warehousing site, ready to supply it when required.
  • We are supporting the mining industry through the manufacture and supply of mining flags for a local business. We currently have orders through to June.
  • Due to an unseasonable increase in flies, orders for the assembly of fly traps have significantly increased. Our local business customer is the sole supplier of this product into Bunnings.
  • Our nursery and environmental services are currently in demand by Local Government authorities for tree supply and planting. These projects often involve collaboration with local community groups.

Community support

We value the ongoing support of our customers, who provide us with many opportunities to manage their projects. This work helps us to provide valuable employment opportunities for people with disability.

Now more than ever it is critical for us to continue to meet the business requirements of our customers. While we are meeting their business needs, they are helping us to maintain our workforce of people with disability for a long as we can. We are confident in our ability to continue to provide a high level of service to our customers and in turn continue to safely provide support services to people with disability in WA.

For further information about how our response to COVID-19 to date, see our Updates. To contact us, call 1800 610 665 or email us today.