11 Jul
Collaborative container efforts create change for people with disability

Collaborative container efforts create change for people with disability

For 18 months, organisations have been jumping on board Workpower’s containers for change commercial program, helping to make a difference to people with disability and the environment all at the same time.

The state-wide Containers for Change initiative launched in October 2022 with the aim to reduce litter, raise awareness of recycling and sustainability and offer a solution to waste.
For every eligible container donated a 10 cent refund is provided to the individual recycling it or to the individual’s charity of choice – one of which is Workpower, working to support people with disability live the best life possible.

 To date, more than 1.4 billion containers have been donated to the cause, with 15 million of those going through the Welshpool depot since it opened.

Good for the environment, great for staff

Through a partnership with Return-IT, Workpower has provided two job opportunities for people with disability at refund points in Malaga and Welshpool.

In addition to these refund points, Workpower’s corporate hassle-free collection service provides employment opportunities for up to six supported employees at any given time.

Workpower’s Contracts Administrator, Linda Scott, has seen how positive the opportunity to be involved in the recycling of containers has been for our supported employment team.

“Our supported employees are really seeming to love the Containers for Change contract with Return-It,” Linda said.

“They very much enjoy being outside in the sunshine, sorting and making sure the containers are eligible for donation which involves staying active and moving around.”

The skills learned are helping our employees to experience new tasks, such as joining our truck drivers on collection runs, or having the donations all packed and ready to be sent to Return-It for further processing.

“I like sorting the bottles by removing the rubbish and taking lids off,” Supported Employee Dylan Kirk said. “I like when we work outside.”

Teaming up with organisations and local communities

Workpower is fortunate to have a number of companies come on board with the corporate container donation program where the team collects their containers and all donations go to supporting people with disability in employment and in the community.

Of the 15 Million containers that have been processed through the Welshpool depot, Workpower has directly collected over 400,000.

CBRE Westralia Square, Dome Company (17 stores), Duxton Hotel and Water Corporation Social Club all donate 100% of the refund amounts to Workpower.

To date, we’ve raised more than $30,000 through this program.

In addition, a number of clubs and organisations donate part of their proceeds from container collections to Workpower, including:

  • Ballajura Football Club
  • Bayswater Cricket Club
  • Ballajura/Landsdale Cricket Club (across two locations)
  • Bentley Primary School
  • Fast N Tasty Lunch Bar
  • Metal West Recycling (across two locationss)
  • Car Care Evolution
  • Old Youngs Distillery
  • Perth Irish Rugby Club
  • Lords Recreational Centre
  • Grilled Cockburn
  • Rosalie Park Soccer Club

It’s the support of organisations and clubs like these that help us to continue making a difference to the lives of people with disability.

Continuing to grow

Containers for Change is a scheme that is getting bigger and bigger as people are more socially conscious about their impacts on the environment.

Return-It and Workpower are working together to take the stress out of recycling, whilst also providing ongoing support for people with disability in employment and the community. 

Support Coach, John Highstead, says the variety the scheme offers is great for supported workers.

“The containers program enables Workpower to provide more variety in the employment offered,” John said.

“The team seem to like it because it’s mostly based outside in the sunshine, providing something quite different from what they are used to.” If your organisation is interested in helping promote recycling in the workplace as well as helping people with disability at the same time, get in touch today https://workpower.com.au/containers-for-change/