03 Feb
Collecting and storing native WA seed

Collecting and storing native WA seed

Did you know our Environmental team can source and collect our own seeds? We use specially collected seed for a number of revegetation and rehabilitation projects. They are also used to grow our high quality plant stock at the Wholesale Nursery

Here’s how our experienced team collect the best quality seed and prepare for planting. 

Sustainable seed collection 

Our qualified staff travel from Pilbara to Perth and from South West WA to collect a wide variety of seeds. In 2018 alone we collected 200 kg for a range of major commercial projects. 

With the required State Government licenses we make sure to follow all recommended guidelines and precautions for sustainable seed collection. This includes a stringent dieback prevention plan which is critical for working across different sites. We’ve also successfully provided these specialised management and prevention services for local governments. 

Treatment and storage 

Once collected the seed is delivered to our Forrestdale facility where it is correctly pre-treated in our hothouse and drying sheds. We use various methods including: 

  • scarification  
  • dry and wet smoking 
  • heat and cold treatments 

Each species requires a different method to ensure seed dormancy is broken and that they thrive once planted. Independent germination and viability tests are completed if required. 

The team complete detailed records at each stage and ensure all seeds are correctly batched, labeled, treated, and stored. After treatment they are stored in our native seed cool room. This area is specifically designed for climate control according to RIAWA’s accreditation guidelines. 

For direct seeding we use a combination of prepared seeds and grown tube stock from our Nursery for optimal results. Check out full details of our previous projects

We can also grow seed at our Wholesale Nursery to exact project requirements. 

For further information about our comprehensive process, get in touch with our team today at (08) 9375 4950 or via email. You can also find out more about the large native range available at our Wholesale Nursery