22 Jan
Containers for Change refund points announced

Containers for Change refund points announced

Here’s the latest info on Containers for Change, WA’s exciting new recycling program, including how it’s going to support our environment and communities. 

We’re on a roll 

We welcomed the Government’s announcement of the first refund point operators to lead the Containers for Change network last Thursday. 145 locations are set to become refund points, and 40% are run by social enterprises and not-for-profits. These points are available across the whole of WA, from Kimberley to the Great Southern. 

This campaign will revolutionise the way we recycle, as every eligible container can be refunded for 10c starting from 2nd June this year.   

“There are more than 1.3 billion eligible beverage containers used in WA each year,” said Minister for Environment Stephen Dawson MLC.

That makes up 44% of litter in our community! 

A huge impact 

Along with the environmental impact, Containers for Change also creates new opportunities for employment. The campaign has already created over 500 jobs, with more refund points to be established in the coming months. 

Many of these support people with disability, those who have been long-term unemployed, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and apprentices.  

The campaign also allows collectors to donate their funds directly to a community group or charity of their choice. It’s a great way to support not-for-profits and give back to the community! 

Time to start collecting 

While we wait for further updates, you can learn about what’s eligible and what’s not, which means you can get straight into collecting. Only containers purchased from 2nd June onwards are eligible, so for now these containers should go in your household recycling bin.

Remember that all containers should be empty, have their lids removed, and not be crushed. 

Eligible containers: 

  • Include most aluminum, plastic, glass, steel, plastic, and liquid paperboard beverage containers from 150ml to 3L 
  • Have a refund mark – these will be available on all eligible containers by June 
  • Must not have contained any prohibited liquid like alcohol, milk, fruit juice, cordial, syrup, or health tonic 

Got any questions? 

We’ll be keeping an eye out on all updates for Containers for Change, so feel free to contact us for more information. Call 1800 610 665 or email us today!