05 Oct
Cooking up a storm in the Catering kitchen

Cooking up a storm in the Catering kitchen

Here’s an update from the team at Catering, who have been busy learning new cooking techniques and gaining greater hospitality experience. 

Maddy joined us a number of years ago, and has since expanded her culinary skills as a member of our close-knit Catering team. She works in the kitchen with other employees and prepares the stocks, sauces, and marinades that form the foundation for the delicious, healthy food we produce. 

But over the past year, Maddy has branched out into the other jobs that we do to maintain our Blue Bean Café at the WAPOL headquarters.  

These activities include: 

  • Processing customer orders and handling cash 
  • Serving customers and providing a friendly, helpful service 
  • Preparing food for serving 

Working at the cafeteria had boosted Maddy’s confidence in herself and her capabilities. She’s building a good rapport with customers and is eager to take on the challenges and responsibilities of working front of house.  

She’s made huge progress since joining us and grows more independent every day. 

Serving our customers 

Our other Catering employees have also picked up the pace and receive training on a new range of tasks. 

John now goes out and about in the van to assist with deliveries. He’s helps pack the trolley, load the van, and upload and set up the food with our customers.

It’s a great experience for John to understand all aspects of what we do: from fresh ingredients to delivering food to our customers. He’s also taken on the task of packing our regular lunch box orders.  

Everyone has helped out with deliveries and enjoys going out in the van. In addition, they’re also learning more complex recipes like preparing and cooking our famous frittatas.  

JD shows off his handmade sandwiches.

Catherine, Maddy, and JD are learning the different favour combinations for our popular sandwich platters. Soon enough they’ll be ready to assist the team to manage large lunchtime orders.  

Terrific work team, it’s fantastic to see your steady progress this year! Keep up the hard work. 

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