12 May
Coralee makes an artistic splash

Coralee makes an artistic splash

Finding ways to continue doing the things we love amidst current restrictions is key to maintaining our skills and wellbeing. We share how Coralee continued to work towards her artistic goals. 

A dedicated student 

Coralee loves art and aspires to take her skills to the next level. As part of her plan she wanted to join a local art class, which she found at the Baskerville Memorial Hall. For over a year she attended the local acrylic painting workshops with her CSO Tracey.  

These sessions were two hours long and focused on specific techniques and expanding her existing skills. It required a lot of focus, concentration, and patience but Coralee worked hard to follow her teacher’s instructions and improve her techniques. During this time she created many beautiful pieces of artwork with a range of acrylic colours. 

New ways to create 

The community centre was closed due to COVID-19, which meant that Coralee had to find another way to continue doing her art. She decided to do art on her own and picked up some art supplies from the Balcatta Recycling Shop prior to its closure. Coralee is a prolific artist and kindly donated one of her completed artworks to the shop. 

Coralee and Tracey followed social distancing regulations and found a quiet area outside to do their art. To do this they put down a large tarp in a clear area and laid newspaper to catch the excess paint. Coralee then mixed paints and created different effects by pouring and splashing the colours onto a blank canvas. 

The pair had a great time making messy artworks while enjoying the fresh air and nature around them. When they were done they made sure to clean up the area and leave no waste behind. 

A budding artist 

Since starting her art lessons, Coralee has gone from strength to strength. In that time she’s created various beautiful artworks which she’s gifted to friends and family.  

Practicing art helped Coralee develop her art techniques, fine motor skills, and creative expression. It has also kept her motivated, determined, and engaged in her tasks. She takes on each challenge from her art teacher and Tracey and enjoys developing her skills. 

Well done Coralee! We hope that you and Tracey can continue making unique artworks wherever you are. 

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