30 Jul
Court supports the team to produce top-notch equipment services

Court supports the team to produce top-notch equipment services

Workpower Support Coach Court, and the Fire and Electrical team work to ensure the Department of Fire and Emergency Services receive top-notch equipment that meets Australian standards year round.

After 13 years’ at the Department of Child Protection, Court became a support coach at Fire and Electrical Services in Greenfields. 

The major contract for the Greenfields workshop is to test and maintain fire hoses and equipment for DFES. The team services over 180 fire stations from Kununurra to Eucla and provide equipment for over 500 Bush Fire Brigades.  

A top-notch supportive approach

Court assists our Fire and Electrical team to check, repair, and prepare each piece of equipment. The role at times can be a tricky one. But managing the balance between coach and friend is a line Court walks with ease. 

“I try in my daily work to make sure that everyone goes home happy. A high five here or a ‘how you’re going’ as you walk past to see how the team is doing,” said Court.  

“I get to know them too, to find out what their likes and dislikes are, and get to understand their personalities.” 

It’s a crucial line of work that Court is involved in. Regular on-the-job checks and supervision provides ironclad confidence that the maintenance of any DFES equipment meets Australian standards. 

It’s important work, but it’s also an important cause. The Fire and Electrical team in Greenfields require varying levels of support. This is support that Court is happy to give. 

Supporting the team

Many of Workpower’s employees have looked for work for some time and are thrilled when they get this opportunity. That level of enthusiasm and that sense of purpose is contagious. 

“It’s hard to explain what this workplace means for our supported employees. We’re able to provide a sense of purpose that they’ve helped with the fire department… that sense of purpose is important to all of us.” 

“We give these guys the opportunity to feel that necessity that they’re needed as much as I’m needed.” 

“I feel awesome. It’s the reason I get up to come to work each day, to see someone’s smile that lights up the room, to see the joy that they have to come to work and to be given the opportunity to work. It fulfills my day,” explained Court. 

Court is just one member of a team of experts who travel across Western Australia ensuring the safety and working order of fire and electrical equipment.  

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