04 Feb
Courtney finds independence and a new home!

Courtney finds independence and a new home!

We hear from Bibra Lake supervisor Hannah about Courtney’s progress in these past few years.

Discovering her independence

Courtney has been with us since March 2016 and is a friendly person with many interests. She loves to catch up with friends on the weekend, enjoys music, and attending events like the Colour Run.

Not long after she joined us, Courtney started to think about moving out from her parent’s home. This is a big change and will have a large impact on her lifestyle. It also requires more responsibility and the ability to live independently.

Over the past year we encouraged and supported Courtney towards this next big step. Living alone requires a lot of work around the house, so to help with that we introduced more responsibilities into her work routine. She now helps out in the kitchen and with cleaning duties.

Courtney’s parents are very supportive and helped teach her how to cook, clean, and go shopping for groceries. All this preparation will give her a headstart in her own home.

A place of her own

Now Courtney feels ready to live alone with her dog and care for herself.

Courtney and her parents starting looking for places, and within six months she found a suitable apartment that she liked. She applied for the apartment and a loan, and guess what – they were both approved!

With our support and that of her family, she’s now confident in her new skills and ready to take on the responsibilities ahead of her. She’s even learnt the new bus route to work.

Courtney will move into her new home sometime this month. On behalf of the Bibra Lake team and the rest of Workpower, we’re so proud of what you’ve achieved! It’s wonderful to see how much you’ve grown during this process.

We wish you the best of luck in your new home!

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