29 Apr
COVID Update – 29 April 2022

COVID Update – 29 April 2022

This week the Health Minister announced several changes to the current COVID-19 restrictions which apply to Workpower’s services. These will come into effect as of Friday 29 April 12.01am.

Changed restrictions

The following changes which impact Workpower includes:

  • Masks will no longer be mandatory, except for those in high-risk settings including hospitals, residential aged care, disability services facilities and correctional facilities, at the airport, on public transport and in rideshare services. Masks are also encouraged where physical distancing isn’t possible.
  • Two square metre rule and proof of vaccination requirements removed for venues (but not employment)
  • Asymptomatic close contacts will no longer need to isolate, subject to strict protocols:
    • Undertake daily Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT)
    • Wear a mask outside the home
    • Avoid high-risk settings (stated above)
    • Work from home where possible
    • Avoid non-essential gatherings and contact with people at risk of severe illness; and
    • Should notify their employer/educational facility of their close contact status

(symptomatic close contacts must still isolate symptoms resolve and get tests as per existing protocols).

The full statement can be read it here.

What this means for our customers

Although these restrictions have been eased across the community, we want to keep our customers as safe as possible, so you may notice the following safety and health measures continue:

  • A quick and easy COVID questionnaire will be taken by staff and encouraged with customers before each support or shift.
  • We’ll continue to wear masks when directly working with our customers and we encourage you to do the same.
  • We ask customers to continue to inform us of their COVID-19 status (specifically if they are positive, asymptomatic or symptomatic).
  • If anyone is unwell or displaying COVID, flu or cold symptoms then we trust that you understand that we will not put staff and other customers at risk by providing supports.
  • Personal hygiene and social distancing will continue where possible.

Whilst the easing of restrictions is a welcomed change for many across the community, we understand there may be some who are hesitant to ease back into the COVID normal.

We encourage you to speak with our support coaches, managers and supervisors about what you feel comfortable with and how you would like your support to look and feel like as the we transition into living with COVID-19.

We thank all of our customers for their patience as our services have adapted to the restrictions over the past few months.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please speak with your managers and supervisors directly.