26 Mar
COVID-19 update: what’s happening at Workpower

COVID-19 update: what’s happening at Workpower

Our Chief Executive Officer Lee Broomhall brings us up to speed on the changes introduced across our services and supports to date in response to COVID-19.

Hi everyone. Here is a quick update on what’s been happening in Workpower.

Our commercial businesses

As it currently stands, our businesses remain open, with the exception of our Catering division. We would like to thank all of our customers for their patience and support: collaborating together at this time ensures we all remain safe and operational where we can. It keeps our people in jobs and the economy going.

Our workforce in these businesses have been scaled down to reduce the numbers of people in one area at any given time. We have and will continue to review this each day.

All our employees continue to apply stringent practices and physical distancing at all times.

Community supports

Our community support activities have been restricted. This allows us to adhere to the Government’s social distancing guidelines. That said, we have tried hard to quickly respond and provide alternative (and some very creative!) strategies to continue providing supports.

Some people have chosen to stay at home, and we support the Government’s message – if you can stay at home, stay home.

Taking care of our people

Our staff that can work from home are doing just that. Those with jobs that don’t enable them to work at home have been offered leave if they would prefer to be, or need to be, at home with family.

We have reviewed the Government’s stimulus package and assessed what Workpower is eligible for to assist us through this crisis. 

Thank you for your support

The support of our many loyal clients, partners, and customers has kept Workpower fairly secure as we’ve adapted to the changing situation.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for that.

Although it is still too early to fully understand the impact this virus might have on us in the immediate and long term future, we are ready to make further adjustments should we need to. 

The commitment of our talented workforce has been unwavering, as you will no doubt have already experienced.  

Thank you for everything you are doing to support Workpower and its people.

For any queries regarding how we’re handling the situation, contact our response team. Read our detailed Response Plan here.