09 Jan
What you need to know about gardening for your property

What you need to know about gardening for your property

A major element of your property maintenance plan will be the garden or front area of your building. This is what greets the customer or visitor’s eye first, and often leaves a subtle but lasting impression.

A touch of green can make your business stand out from others along the street. It provides visual contrast and is pleasing to the eye.

Create a welcoming garden area

If your property doesn’t have much of a garden right now, it’s a good idea to think about adding one. Depending on your budget and the area provided, it could be as simple as a pot plant next to your door. You can still be creative and make an impact, and here’s some DIY ideas to get you started. 

With a larger space, you can utilise paving, fences, and flowerbeds that will catch people’s attention. Here’s some landscaping tips to get you started.

Things to remember

Once you’ve got a garden space, you need to maintain it. If it’s a small area then it may be easy enough to look after. However, with larger gardens it’s easy to forget about the small things like:

  • fallen leaves from nearby trees
  • shrubs and bushes that need regular trimming
  • reticulation installation and management
  • preparing for growth with pruning, hedging, and fertilisation
  • weeding and pest control

Check out this detailed guide here for other things to manage for your commercial property.

Let us handle it

Luckily, Workpower’s commercial services can take care of all your garden and property needs. Our Property Services, with our wholesale Nursery and Environmental Services, can create a comprehensive plan that covers all your business sites and requirements.

Our Nursery can source your plants and shrubs, and specialises in drought-resistant and fire resistant native species. We’ve got it covered from landscaping design, implementation, maintenance, and management!

Next time you need grounds maintenance, contact Property here or at 9375 4932.