07 Sep
Creating opportunities at 1905!

Creating opportunities at 1905!

We talk to 1905 Catering Manager Julie Burnett about supporting people with disability in a variety of roles, and the 1905 journey so far.

I’ve been with Workpower for about eight years and have supervised, supported, and encouraged people of all abilities to develop themselves.

One of my early positions was managing a team of individuals that would complete contract jobs like cleaning, moving, and fixing property.

The teams were made up of 8 to 10 people, and I got a chance to provide one-on-one support as they took on new skills and challenges. It was a great working closely with them and seeing them thrive in a work environment.

The catering journey so far

I got another chance to work with a close-knit group when we started the Cafe, then called 1905 Coffee on Newcastle, in 2013. Not long afterwards we branched out into catering, with great success. Now we run 1905 Catering and manage the Blue Bean Cafe from the WA Police Headquarters on Adelaide Terrace.

Through the years we’ve gone through a lot of changes and adapted with the times. But what has stayed the same is our commitment to our employees. We have a number of workers who are motivated, keen to learn, and thrive in the hospitality environment. And we have great supportive staff to help them achieve their goals.

Giving people a chance

In my experience, all you need to do is give people a chance. Once they have the opportunity and support they need, they excel.

I’ve seen incredible improvements from all my employees, like Catherine. She’s now got the skills and experience to take on more responsibilities in the kitchen. And not only has she gained more technical knowledge, but she’s grown into her role with confidence.

Working in the cafe provides an opportunity to collaborate within our team and to meet new people in the community. Some of them also help out with deliveries and managing front-of-house duties, and we’d love to build on these opportunities where we can.

I’m really proud of my team and the progress they’ve made, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings to 1905!

1905 Catering not only provides delicious and healthy food but also creates employment opportunities for people with disability. Choose to make a difference for your next event!