27 Mar
Creating peaceful landscapes at Rockingham Memorial Park

Creating peaceful landscapes at Rockingham Memorial Park

The Rockingham Regional Memorial Park is an iconic place of respect, dignity, and remembrance for members of the local community. Following guidance from the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (MCB), our Property team ensure the memorial park stays in terrific condition year round. 

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  • Turf management 
  • Mulching and weeding  
  • Seasonal shaping and pruning 

For the past five years, the beautiful estate and gardens of the Rockingham Regional Memorial Park have been carefully maintained by our team. Through their seasonal program we provide weed control and routine mowing, pruning, planting, and mulching services to create a thriving landscape. 

This is a significant public space that provides a sensitive and dignified resting place for the deceased members of the community. Extra care must be taken to ensure the property is always impeccable for the many daily visitors they receive.  

A quality finish 

Our skilled horticulturalists use best practise techniques to create a lasting, quality result. The teams carefully reinvigorate shrubs and promote healthy growth habits. We also maintain the turf area by using commercial equipment to produce a clean, smooth finish every time. Our trained and licenced technicians can apply herbicide to control weed infestations where necessary.   

As a result, the well-manicured lawns create a pleasing contrast to the colourful native gardens and bushland backdrop, which we also maintain. Flourishing gardens and trees provide an attractive habitat for birds and native animals who compliment the peaceful and reflective setting. 

Our team members take great pride in their work and are pleased to contribute to a welcoming landscape for visitors. The staff at MCB recognise this and have expressed their appreciation of our consistent, high quality work. 

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