26 Feb
Cultivating native wildlife with the City of Gosnells

Cultivating native wildlife with the City of Gosnells

We assist the City of Gosnells to keep their parks and reserves beautiful year round with an extensive watering program. Here’s some details about the scope of the project and how it promotes plant longevity. 

Looking after our natives 

Since November 2019, the Mandurah Property team utilised their horticultural expertise on a new watering program for the City of Gosnells. This ensures that new vegetation areas along the river reserves and residential areas will grow strong and last for years to come. Some areas we take care of include Thornlie River and Gosnells River Park, and the former Fremantle Bridge. 

Two staff members travel across the district, watering designated revegetation areas with a 1,000L water unit with dual 100m hose reels. For convenience they base themselves at Environmental Services in Forrestdale. 

Summer watering 

It’s important to keep our gardens green and thriving year round. Naturally, summer time is a difficult period and requires a high level of monitoring and resources to ensure vegetation doesn’t dry out. 

The heat can be particularly disastrous for newly planted revegetation areas. They require a vigilant watering and maintenance program to survive the early years. Through this method we increase their chances over the next twelve months and promote long-term plant longevity.  

Once established, this native bushland helps maintain biodiversity and support native animals.  

One-on-one learning 

One of the best things out of this project is that it provides a unique opportunity for our supported employees. Along with a senior team member, our employees gain experience in: 

  • Operating the water hoses  
  • Managing watering requirements 
  • Recognising signs of plant health 
  • Building time management and organisational skills 

To balance different watering requirements of each area requires practice and specialised knowledge. In this role our employees can develop their skills and rise to a new challenge! 

For more about how we create employment opportunities for people with disability, go here. To get in touch with our Property Services team email us or call (08) 9375 4930 today.