18 Feb
DAAP find their feet at the Stirling Health Centre

DAAP find their feet at the Stirling Health Centre

One of our DAAP supervisors, Kelly, tells us more details about the team’s tremendous progress in these few years.

A new challenge

When the DAAP team first began on HMAS Stirling in 2016, we quickly gained the support of the Lieutenant Commander Glenn Payne.

He offered us a rare opportunity to work in a medical setting. The role required employees to scan and digitise important, confidential medical records for naval staff posting in and off the base.

The team began work based at the centre itself, which gave them valuable insight of how a medical workplace operates.

Opportunities abound

The team were first quite shy to engage fully with Defence staff. For many, this was their first experience with this type of work and to the island itself.

But it didn’t take long for them to settle in. And Defence staff welcomed them into the team. Before long they were on good terms with many of the medical staff, in particular Glenn.

Thanks to this opportunity, the team have gained skills in working with highly confidential documents, and specific computer programs and procedures.

Each one of them developed their time management skills and grew in confidence as they learned to collaborate with others in a workplace setting.

The team build confidence

Word quickly spread around the base about our team’s skills, and we were asked by the Submarine Medical Unit (SUMU) to complete a similar role for their diver medical records.

We spent some time at this highly confidential building and they’ve enjoyed using their skills to complete this role. Not to mention the regular tours of the diving unit!

Due to their efficiency, both medical departments asked the team to complete other duties including shredding, filing, and file musters.

In April 2017 we received a Certificate of Appreciation recognising our dedication and outstanding capability in supporting the Stirling Health Centre! The team are extremely proud of this award and it helps encourage them to work harder!

These initial experiences really set the team up for success and they haven’t stopped since. A big part of that is due to the Defence, so we’d like to thank them for the support we received right from the start.

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