20 Jul
DAAP is underway at Garden Island!

DAAP is underway at Garden Island!

As mentioned in our previous post Workpower tendered and was successful in securing the Defence Administrative Assistance Program (DAAP) for Western Australia. The DAAP team began working on this project in early July at Garden Island. This exciting location has lead to quite a few questions around the office about the beginnings and uses of Garden Island over the years!

Here is a quick overview around the heritage of the island and the various roles Garden Island (also known by its Noongar name, Meeandip) has played in West Australian history.


1696 – Captain Willem de Vlamingh maps Garden Island

1801 – Captain Nicolas Baudin names the island “Isle Buache” (Jean-Nicolas Buache, a French marine cartographer)

1827 – Captain James Stirling Royal Navy explored and renamed Isle Buache to Garden Island, to emphasise British dominion over the west coast of Australia

1829 – Captain Stirling and Captain Fremantle returned with ships to Sulphur Town (first settlement on Garden Island – Australia’s first free, non-convict colony)

1829 – Foundation of Perth

1834 – Fire destroys the Sulphur Bay Settlement

1907 – Peet & Co advertises subdivision lots

Between World War I and World War II

Holiday destination construction of shacks and huts

1942 – Planning and development begins of Garden Island gun batteries and submarine boom defence net

1944 – Top Secret training area for Service Reconnaissance Department (Z Force)

1950’s & 1960’s

Returns to a holiday destination

1956 – Last of the Royal Australian Navy corvettes leave Garden Island

1967 – Completion of feasibility study for Royal Australian Navy Base

1969 – HMAS STIRLING development endorsed

1971 – Causeway construction started

1973 – Causeway completed

1975 – First ship berthed (HMAS HOBART)

1978 – HMAS STIRLING commissioned

2016 – Workpower commence in DAAP on 20th June