21 Nov
DAAP Safe Work Month Update

DAAP Safe Work Month Update

From left to right: Tyler Gould, Garrick Snell, Emma Dawson, and Andrew Ferry.

DAAP Manager Eoin shares with us how the team engaged with October’s Safe Work month, and the important lessons learnt from the experience.

For Mental Health Week on the 7 – 14th October, we organised a walk and morning tea to encourage discussion around the how mental health issues can affect anyone. This is a reality for 1 in 5 Australians at one stage in their life. It’s a good opportunity to appreciate our abilities and the opportunities we’ve been given in life.

After talking, the team agreed that one of the most important things for supporting someone who was feeling down, was to help them realise that they’re not alone. It’s often a message that is difficult to get through when you’re in a tight spot, so it’s vital to remind ourselves that we have each other.

“Some of the guys shared some really great stories of how to keep mentally healthy and connected with the community,” said Eoin.

Andrew and Tyler gave the example of their membership with the ‘Southern Lions’ Rugby Union team in Southern River. Three of the guys from the team have joined the club, with Andrew playing at first half, and Tyler and Calib on the wings.

“Being part of the team helps them feel connected in the community,” says Eoin, “and they really feel like they’re ‘one of the boys’.”

For Safe Work Month, we’ve cleaned up our working environment and minimised clutter and hazards. A site specific safety checklist has been developed and maintained by the team, which covers things like evacuation protocol.

They’re so eager to participate that they requested to have a rotating role of Safety Champion who would set a good example for the others during their designated term.

Great to see such enthusiasm guys: you’re leading the way for wellbeing and safety!

We’ll keep you informed about the wonderful work Eoin and the DAAP team have been doing on Garden Island. In the meantime, check out more details about their project here and here.
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