20 Sep
Dedicated admin expert looking for an opportunity

Dedicated admin expert looking for an opportunity

If you’re looking for a quality long-term asset to your workplace, look no further than our latest admin extraordinaire jobseeker! Get in touch with one of our Employment Consultants today!

Our keen jobseeker Jonathon is looking for a position in an admin call centre role. He has full time availability and can start immediately. Jonathon’s well-developed skillset includes…

  • Data entry
  • Reception and Call Centre management
  • Excellent customer service
  • Liasing with clients and technicians

Jonathon also holds a Certificate VI in Administration and is able to use public transport to get around.

He is hardworking with a fantastic attitude who only requires an opportunity to prove himself.

Workpower is dedicated to creating equal opportunities for people with disability, and with almost 25 years experience they are well-equip to find the perfect person for your team. Contact us at 1800 610 665 or at disabilityemployment@workpower.asn.au today!