14 Oct
Delivering sustainable rehabilitation works for the City of Wanneroo

Delivering sustainable rehabilitation works for the City of Wanneroo

Workpower has partnered with the City of Wanneroo since 2015 in an ongoing project to rehabilitate its nature reserves.

This winter, Workpower commenced planting the 76,000 seedlings which will go a long way towards the City of Wanneroo revegetation efforts.

The supply of seedlings is grown and supplied by our Wholesale Nursery and, on average, 4-6,000 are planted, tree tableted, tree guarded and watered in with a soil improver by the team each day.

This project also provided another avenue for Workpower’s Environmental Team to further its sustainable practices.

The Workpower team in conjunction with the City of Wanneroo Environmental Department secured a sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic tree guards used on large-scale planting projects to protect trees during their early stages of life.

A WA-based company came up with the goods, supplying biodegradable tree guards that are a weather resistant cardboard tree guard, designed and manufactured in Australia, from Australian sustainable plantation pulp and recycled paper.

The new tree guards break down naturally within 2-3 years, while still providing the tree with protection while it is most vulnerable and promoting the growth of a large healthy plant.

The team has so far installed over 25,000 tree guards

“Switching to biodegradable products like tree guards is not just great for the environment,” says General Manager Environmental Services Alex Growden.

“It saves us approximately 550 hours in cleaning up and disposing to landfill the waste generated from 25,000 non-biodegradable tree guards.”

About our Environmental services

Sustainability is at the heart of what Workpower’s Environmental services team does each day.

Workpower is committed to providing the highest quality rehabilitation services that benefit the whole environment and community for future.

This includes working with organisations and local governments to rehabilitate natural reserves and protect native WA flora and fauna, like the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo. Find out how we can help you complete your rehabilitation projects. Contact us on (08) 9375 4950 or on email today.