29 Jun
Design your own SHP support

Design your own SHP support

During the isolation period we took the opportunity to review the way we provide supports for people with disability. One of the areas we looked at was our group support services and how to design a service that  best assists people to achieve their goals. 

Each person we support is unique and has different interests, skills, and aspirations. These can be achieved with a support worker, in a group, or a mix of both. It could also be something done in a day, or take weeks or months to work towards. But whatever your goal is, we are here to support you on your journey.  

As our School Holiday Program returns this month we’ve introduced tailored one-on-one or group support options for each participant. Our program is customised to your needs and what suits you best. 

We offer: 

  • Flexible arrangements to suit your needs  
  • Your choice of recreational and educational activities 
  • Centre-based and community-based supports 

Work towards your goals 

With our improved School Holiday Program, you can design your own supports around your goals. For example: 

  • Need to work on your school results? We can help you complete  homework, connect your to helpful resources, and provide tutoring. 
  • Want to learn to ride a bike? We can support you on outings at different trails and go on riding trips. 
  • Keen to improve your art skills? You can expand your techniques in one-on-one sessions or as a group and enter community competitions. 

Our July attendees already have plans in place. This includes cultivating a garden patch at the Community garden, forming a small hiking group, and doing transport training in the community!

Supports continue for as long as you need them, even after the program is finished. This is especially suitable for long-term goals like learning to build a skill, participating in community events, or finding employment. 

School holiday fun for everyone 

It’s not too late to join in on all the fun! Get in touch with Sara at 0407 443 731 for our Perth program, or speak to Beth at 0439 943 916 for our South West and Mandurah program. We can’t wait to have some school holiday fun with you all! 

For further information about our full range of supports head to our website or contact us on email or at 1800 610 665 today.