03 May
Developing strong capabilities on Garden Island

Developing strong capabilities on Garden Island

Team members from DAAP cruise into the new year with more opportunities to build their networks and skills!

New capabilities, new contracts

Since the start of the DAAP, our team have built a wealth of experience in supporting the Defence staff at HMAS Stirling. Over the years we’ve completed a wide variety of administrative roles depending on the requirements of different units across the base.

One of the major contracts that kept us busy since the start was our work with the Joint Health Unit. This involves digitising, filing, and disposal of physical medical records. But our team members also developed other key skills like:

  • time management and organisational skills
  • using the scanning equipment
  • file preparation and storage
  • learning Defence-specific software

Confidentiality is key

Confidentiality is a major requirement when handling any records. And as most of the documents we handle are of a highly sensitive nature, professional integrity is one of our most important skills.

It’s now a skill that each one of our team members has adopted wholeheartedly. It’s great to see their dedication shine through their strong work ethic.

Our reputation for integrity and collaboration has also opened doors to further opportunities across the island.

A growing network

As our work with the Joint Health Unit finishes off, we’ve received a new project from the Collins Submarine Program. This involves scanning and digitising confidential historical documents. So far the team have picked up the work with ease.

With each new unit comes knowledge about protocol and how best we can offer support: whether it’s administration work, event planning, or record management. It’s helped them each take on more responsibilities in their work.

It’s clear that the word is spreading about the team and our capabilities. And after a busy 2018 it’s expected to just increase.

But another great highlight is seeing the team move out of their comfort zone and engage with others they might not have usually met. The process of building professional relationships has really boosted their confidence in themselves and their skills.

A great start for 2019, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

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