07 Mar
Developing strong partnerships through DAAP

Developing strong partnerships through DAAP

We hear from Kelly, one of the Defence Administrative Assistance Program (DAAP) Supervisors, about the importance of building strong networks.

Since the program began in 2016, the team quickly established themselves as an integral part of the base. The employees are now well known across the HMAS Stirling and receive strong support from Defence staff.

One of the key relationships that helped them find their feet at the beginning was with the Chaplaincy Centre. The DAAP team started off by assisting the centre with administrative tasks like shredding and flyer distribution. But as we connected with the staff we realised that we could help each other out in other ways.

Not long after, we took on the role of coordinating the Chaplain’s fortnightly networking event.

Networking success

This BBQ event brings staff across the base together and helps promote the chaplain’s services. This arrangement had two benefits. Firstly, it helped the Centre run social events and showcase the range of services they offered to a wider audience.

And secondly, these occasions gave our employees a wealth of new experiences. The team really took on the responsibility of hosting with open arms.

They have learned a lot about:

  • time management
  • event coordination
  • cooking and food preparation

Not to mention they’ve had the chance to meet and forge relationships with many others on the base and grow confidence in a group setting.

So far they have done a terrific job and the Chaplain Centre are thrilled with the result. Our work was even featured on the HMAS Facebook page!

Assisting them has helped us spread word of our program to other centres who are looking for administrative support.

Making meaningful connections

We’re grateful to the Chaplain Centre for providing us a valuable opportunity to develop and grow. Strong relationships with key Defence staff has been critical to the success of the DAAP so far. The team members enjoy the social events and building relationships with new people.

With experience and confidence under their belt, the team are ready to tackle any new projects that come their way!

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