02 Jun
Don’t miss us at the WA Day Festival

Don’t miss us at the WA Day Festival

On Sunday 6 June and Monday 7 June, Workpower in partnership with Return-It will be roaming the WA Day Festival 2021 at Burswood Park and collecting containers from the event. These containers will then be recycled through the Containers for Change program.

Funds from containers collected will go to support Western Australians with disability as well as reduce waste in landfill.

Things to remember when recycling your containers

Recycle your containers right

When you’re finished with your drink containers remember to dispose of them in the right bins. There will be various dedicated container bins located around the event for you to use.

Remove your lids

You will need to remove any caps and lids on the bottles when disposing your containers.

Containers and bottles are crushed as part of the recycling process, so we need to make sure that caps are removed before this happens. Bottles lids are recycled in a separate process.

Recycling for change

The best way to finish a great long weekend is to make sure you leave no mess behind. Our recycling team, some of which you’ll find at the Return-It Malaga refund point, are looking forward to making a difference at this WA Day event.

By partnering with Return-It we have created many opportunities for people with disability to gain employment skills since October last year. You can read about Greg’s story here. If you spot our team at the WA Day Festival, be sure to say hello!

Various WA Day events will be held across the metro and regional areas this weekend to acknowledge, celebrate, and connect with our culture, history, and community. For more information on the WA Day Festival, visit https://www.celebratewa.com.au/

For more information on Workpower’s container collection services or to support Workpower with your containers moving forward visit https://workpower.com.au/containers-for-change/.

To contact us directly call 1800 610 665 or email us here.