21 Dec
Drive with reason this holiday season

Drive with reason this holiday season

Whether you’re working or taking a break, the streets are always busy during the summer holidays. This is a reminder to use your head and put your safety and others first. 

Dangerous driving kills 

In Australia, 1,200 lives are lost and 44,000 people are injured on our roads every year. For families, it is the biggest cause of death of death for children under 15, and the second biggest for those between 15 – 24. 

With WA’s restrictions relaxed and many people planning road trips in the holidays, the risks of dangerous driving have never been greater.  

For this reason, double demerits are in place from Friday 18th December 2020 to Sunday 3rd January 2021, so watch out. 

Here’s what else you should consider when you’re on the road: 

Prepare ahead 

More people on the roads means more traffic and accidents. Plan ahead by leaving on time or early to get to your destination and listen out for traffic announcements. Also try minimise driving on the days leading up to the public holidays. 

Be aware of others around you 

Many of us drive on autopilot to and from work every day, especially if we always go to the same place. Instead, be an active driver and keep an eye on what’s happening around you at all times. 

Driver distraction and fatigue 

When you are too distracted or tired to be aware of your surroundings, you’re driving blind. Protect yourself and others by focusing on the road and avoid any distractions. If you’re tired have a rest before you drive and pull over whenever you need a break. 

Safety comes first: Driving can be stressful if you’re running late or having a bad day and it can lead to making reckless decisions on the road. Before you act, remember: is it really worth the risk? Your safety and that of others should always come first. 

Don’t forget to follow the road rules and avoid doing anything you shouldn’t, like speeding, drinking, or using your mobile phone. Keep using reason when driving this holiday season. 

Safe travels everyone!  

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