02 Oct
Employment leads to independence for Shannon!

Employment leads to independence for Shannon!

In this week’s Community Programs blog, Samantha shares Shannon’s determination to reach her personal and employment goals…

Shannon and I started assisted employment at Malaga 1 year ago. Shannon’s end goal was the gain a paid permanent position. She also wanted to become more confident in using stairs unassisted. This was important to Shannon, as she wanted to become more independent and be able to save her own money for shopping trips, or if she wanted to buy something special.

For a year, Shannon went to work experience two days a week on Mondays and Thursdays, working full time hours. I started giving Shannon both verbal and physical prompts to complete the task, but over the year Shannon’s confidence grew until she was working independently.

For mobility training, we would visit the management team upstairs on a weekly basis. Slowly, I moved further and further away while Shannon was using the stairs until she was able to climb the full flight of stairs without any assistance.

Shannon has now gained permanent paid employment at Malaga. She seems very happy, and gets along brilliantly with her supervisors and co-workers. Well done, Shannon!

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