18 Dec
Enjoying work, life, and the great outdoors

Enjoying work, life, and the great outdoors

We chat to one of our experienced horticultural experts from our Nursery team with a great attitude to work and enjoying the great outdoors. 

Luke’s journey began six years ago with our Customer Engagement team. We paid him a visit to discuss his employment goals and how to help him get back into work after a break. From here learned about an opportunity to be part of the production team at the Wholesale Nursery and signed up for a site tour.  

Having taken a liking to the place Luke joined us the following week and he’s been a positive, motivated, and integral part of the team ever since.  

Working in the great outdoors 

“Every day is a great day when I work here.” 

Prior to this Luke had little experience working in horticulture, but has picked up new skills quickly. He loves working outdoors in rain or shine, and as part of the team who are all great friends and all learning new things every day.  

On a regular day he works with the others to prepare and inspect each plant for delivery. Luke also helps one of our staff John to pack up greenstock in the delivery van. Every day is different at the Nursery, and Luke is proud of what the team can achieve together when tasked with large orders, like the recent order for the Northlink project. 

During his time in the team he’s learned to operate various tools like the leafblower, developed specific knowledge of each different plant, and expertise in weeding, potting, and maintaining plants. 

As his interest in gardening grows, Luke has been helping his step-father with planting for his small business and also tends his own garden at home. 

Working together 

“We’re all equals here – all friends working together and supporting each other,” says Luke. 

It’s certainly a close-knit group, with some team members having been with us for a decade or longer. Luke enjoys working alongside everyone and watching the fruits of their labors result in beautiful native gardens all over WA. 

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