20 Jul
Ensuring fire safety for the City of Canning

Ensuring fire safety for the City of Canning

After their work with the City of Cockburn, our Fire and Electrical Services will soon provide complete fire equipment maintenance for the City of Canning. This project ensures that all City-owned property will always be prepared for any fire and electrical emergencies.

Client: City of Canning

Project: Comprehensive maintenance of static and portable fire equipment

Period: Starts July 2018

The contract guarantees that all fire equipment in over 100 City of Canning owned and leased buildings will be kept in prime condition. The service includes:

  • Complete audit and assessment of all current equipment and sites
  • Testing and on-site replacement and repair
  • Sourcing replacement parts from our workshop
  • Maintaining detailed asset records
  • Scheduled maintenance on a monthly and 6-monthly basis

Full equipment coverage

It’s important that all fire and safety equipment is maintained at all times. Our services cover all static and portable equipment for the City of Canning, including:

  • Fire extinguishers and hydrants of various sizes
  • Fire indicator panels
  • Pump sets
  • Suppression systems and smoke detectors
  • VESDAs (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus)
  • Fire doors and safety showers

Always prepared

As electrical and emergency equipment specialists, we also maintain electrical assets for the City of Cockburn. Our team can manage all your property assets in one place. This includes:

  • Certified testing for power outages and exit lights
  • On-site replacement and repair
  • Delivery and installation of new equipment

Fire safety in Western Australia is a top priority, no matter the season. The winter period is the perfect time to get equipment and systems in order before the warmer months.

Our Fire and Electrical team are more than happy to work with local governments to ensure fire safety all year round.

As trusted service providers for the Department of Fire and Electrical Services (DFES), we have the experience and capability to ensure all your equipment is up to standard.

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