27 Jul
Enviro completes 2020 Coastal Rehabilitation Program

Enviro completes 2020 Coastal Rehabilitation Program

Our Environmental Services division reached a milestone after finishing their largest coastal rehabilitation program to date!

28 expert staff were on hand to complete critical dune restoration works along our northern coastline between Swanbourne and Two Rocks. This involved working on 15 separate coastal restoration projects.

Here are the details of this momentous program.

Project details: 2020 Coastal Rehabilitation Program

Clients: City of Wanneroo/City of Joondalup/Australian Defence Force
Period: 2020

  • Site mapping and preparation
  • Local provenance seed collection
  • Wind break fence installation
  • Plant installation of over 127,000 native seedlings
  • Installation of over 12,000 m2 of 900 GSM biodegradable coir mesh matting
  • Working at heights with harness use
  • Comprehensive project management

A combination of restorative and preventative strategies were used to revitalise the coastal areas and protect them from incoming winter storms. To ensure quality and safety standards were met, the project was carefully managed with routine monitoring and reporting.

Ongoing maintenance is also required to ensure the coastal area remains safe through winter.

Protecting our coastlines

Our coastal dune systems are the most vulnerable areas in our Perth Swan Coastal Plain. They are often threatened by:

  • Incoming winter storm systems
  • Sand movement within degraded areas
  • Blow outs from pedestrian paths and vehicles
  • Installed groyne structures that disrupt natural sand movement along the coastline

Housing developments encroaching on the coastline also play a role in threatening these systems. Once degraded, the majority of these areas do not recover alone. A single storm event could significantly damage our coastal biodiversity.

Coastal dunes play a critical role in protecting land from wind erosion and waves during storms, replenishing beaches, maintaining our ecosystem, and providing habitat for native wildlife.

It is imperative to rehabilitate and protect these natural areas where possible. By doing so we not only protect our environment and ecosystems, but keep our coastal communities safe.

Rehabilitation specialists

Our Environmental Services team have successfully restored and rehabilitated many coastal areas across WA since 2004. In collaboration with local and state government and community groups, we help ensure that WA’s unique biodiversity lasts for generations to come.

For more details about our range of services, contact us today on email or at (08) 9375 4950.