25 Apr
Our Enviro team keeps your parks beautiful

Our Enviro team keeps your parks beautiful

Do you enjoy visiting your local park or reserve? Then you’ll be glad to know that some of these natural spaces of flora and fauna are being taken care of by our experienced Environmental team. We share what’s involved in park and reserve management and why it’s critical to stay on top of maintenance.

Protecting nature and wildlife

The Perth region is home to many beautiful coastal landscapes, parks, and beaches. They make the best picnic locations and offer incredible, unique views. But these reserves and parks also host our natural flora and fauna, and provide an invaluable connection to nature. Many reserves are also classified as conservation areas, which protect our biodiversity, ecosystems, water and earth resources, and Aboriginal and Australian cultural heritage.

All parks, not just conservation areas, require strict, long-term maintenance. That’s where our Environment team come in.

Maintaining our parks

Our dedicated team have provided complete park and reserve management for local governments for some time now. Currently, they manage over 45 areas on a rotation for the City of Cockburn, City of Rockingham, and City of Wanneroo.

Regular maintenance is key to protecting a reserve or any property. More importantly, these are public community spaces shared by others. It’s critical that the area remains clean at all times, bushlands are maintained, and that plants are protected from weeds and diseases.

Throughout the year, the Environmental team provides:

  • Removal and treatment of weeds
  • Fire break maintenance
  • Fence repairs and tree guard maintenance
  • Vegetation pruning
  • Rubbish removal and reduction of bio-mass
  • Summer watering of revegetation areas
  • Erosion control

Our parks and reserves are worth protecting and caring for, and our team are happy to do it!

If you want to know about the full scope of our services, contact our Environmental team today. Call (08) 9375 4950 or email us here.