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Workpower’s Environmental Services has specialised in land management and environmental rehabilitation since 2004.

We offer leading Western Australian land management and environmental rehabilitation services with extensive experience in implementing a wide range of environmental management projects across WA and in the Middle East.

Our dedicated team of highly qualified industry professionals know how to maximise the success of your project, and we have a proven record of completing contracts on time and on budget. Our staff operate to ISO 9001 standards, and offer in-depth project management to ensure that your environmental works are a success.

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What we offer

  • Dieback Treatment and Managementmore info
  • Wetland Environmental Managementmore info
  • Seed Collection & Storagemore info
  • Environmental Rehabilitationmore info
  • Fencing & Wind Breaksmore info
  • Dune Restorationmore info
  • Erosion Controlmore info
  • Fauna Monitoring & Managementmore info
  • Environmental Weed Controlmore info

Dieback Treatment and Management

Fully qualified to investigate, treat, and protect your native bushland against disease.

Our fully trained, registered, and equipped team can map, treat, and rehabilitate Phytophthora (Pc) Dieback infected areas across the diverse Swan Coastal Plain. We have already successfully managed a number of native bushland reserves for the City of Cockburn.

Find our more about our comprehensive process.

Wetland Environmental Management

We have worked with wetland management since 1993.

Our tea specialise in aquatic weed management, such as the removal of Typha, giant reed, frogbit, duckweed, and many other species. These are difficult to control using traditional herbicides due to the proximity to water ways and native fauna.

Nutrient stripping plantings along watercourses can help to reduce the incidence and growth of many aquatic weeds. We can design, supply, and install wetland rushes and sedges that are ideally suited to this purpose. These plantings can also enhance environmental value. It strengthens the habitat for native fish and other aquatic species, which then control pest species like mosquito larvae.

Our expertise includes working with:

  • artificial wetlands
  • drainage lines
  • rivers, lakes, and floodplains
  • damplands and sumplands
  • nutrient stripping plantings

Seed Collection & Storage

We provide a complete range of sustainable seed collection services of local provenance seed.

Our seed testing includes pre-treatments, such as dry or wet smoking, scarification, and heat/cold treatments. Licensed through the relevant State Government bodies, we abide by their requirements for ethical collection and storage of native seed stock. We have successfully collected viable seed from the Pilbara to Perth and into the south west of WA.

Our staff have been trained in the correct recording and reporting procedures and are experienced and trained in batching, labelling, and storage of native seed.

We can source independent germination/viability testing if required. Our clients are welcome to visit our seed storage facility in Forrestdale – we welcome your inspection and involvement.

Depending on our clients’ needs, the seed we collect for specific projects can be grown in our own nurseries to your exact requirements. We also have a stringent dieback management plan in place and precautions are always put in place when visiting collection sites.

Environmental Rehabilitation

Our team has managed a diverse range of environmental rehabilitation projects.

We work on both large and small projects, across Perth’s Swan coastal plain, regional WA, and internationally. Our experience lies in the development and implementation of environmental rehabilitation plans that maximise on-ground results. We use the appropriate plants and preparation and are always mindful of budgetary constraints facing many projects.

Our Perth based native tubestock nursery can provide a comprehensive range of native dryland tubestock. They also have a wide range of wetland and dryland rushes and sedges suited to any environmental rehabilitation project, no matter the scale.

Fencing & Wind Breaks

Years of experience in constructing fences and windbreaks for environmental projects.

Our team can supply and construct rabbit proof fences, mesh or shade cloth windbreaks, and do post and picket fencing to exclude pedestrian and vehicle traffic from your rehabilitation project.

Our fences range from rabbit proof mesh through to standard agricultural fencing or pine post and rail designs for public open spaces.

If you require maintenance, we have a specialist team that can monitor and maintain your fences, as well as provide a comprehensive repair service following fire damage or damage caused by vandalism.

Dune Restoration

Through the years, we have completed many diverse and challenging dune restoration projects with excellent results.

We are experienced with rehabilitating coastal vegetation complexes in challenging and extreme weather conditions, from Geraldton to Busselton. Our vehicles for dune restoration projects are low impact, to minimise damage to delicate beachside environments.

One previous contract in Jurien Bay required the restoration of a denuded dune system, which had also been subject to dredging spoil from the nearby harbour. We provided windbreak fencing (pine poles, wire and shade cloth), direct seeding, planting, and project management of the site. Additionally, we ensured ongoing monitoring, weed control, and site condition reports for the subsequent 12 months.

Our coastal rehabilitation services include:

  • Supply and installation of coastal plant species
  • Installation of wind breaks
  • Seed collection, propagation, and direct seeding
  • Brushing
  • Tree guards and jute matting
  • Rabbit proof fencing
  • Frontal fore dune plant installation using augers
  • Chemical weed control and hand weeding

Erosion Control

The team is highly efficient in supplying and installing erosion control products.

We are experienced in a wide variety of locations and situations, including steep banks, riparian zones, and foreshore and dune environments. Team members have Work Safely at Heights CPCCCM1006A qualifications and achieved excellent planting and erosion control results on steep batters using harnesses to complete the works.

We can provide your project with both biodegradable and non-biodegradable erosion control product installation.


  • hemp/jute matting
  • coir and timber baffles
  • vegetation
  • batter plantings (non-seeding grasses, binding plants, planting a bank)
  • ripping and mounding
  • brushing



  • geofabrics
  • limestone spalling
  • gabion baskets
  • retaining walls
  • weed matting
  • wind breaks, shade mesh and fencing for costal rehabilitation
  • silt fences


Our past projects involving erosion control services include:

  • Reid Swan Interchange – river bank stabilisation
  • Orange Grove Quarry – Quarry batter revegetation
  • Kwinana Desalination Plant – fore dune stabilisation

Fauna Monitoring & Management

Our experienced staff are well equipped in fauna monitoring and management.

We can develop a tailored fauna monitoring program and include sampling of transects with a variety of trapping techniques. These techniques include:

  • pit and caged trapping
  • motion cameras
  • video and audio monitoring
  • field observations


We can arrange fauna and snake relocation on civil or mining projects. Other services we provide include sand pit track observation sample plots, bait traps, and invertebrate sampling. Our fleet of late model 4WD vehicles and the advanced 4WD training provided to our staff means they can service remote locations safely and effectively.

The expertise we offer covers:

  • licensed staff to relocate venomous snakes
  • ARC GIS mapping
  • baseline fauna surveys
  • cleaning out and monitoring of trenches
  • mapping of TECs threatened ecological community groups
  • project monitoring, trials, quadrat, photos, reporting
  • motion camera installation and monitoring
  • bat recording equipment installation and monitoring

Environmental Weed Control

Since 2004 we have provided premium environmental weed control and are fully licensed and registered through the Department of Health.

All staff have provisional pesticide licences and are in high demand for weed control in sensitive areas. We’re able to accurately identify weed species and the appropriate controls. This selective weed control has been very effective in the eradication of species, such as arum lily.

In a previous contract, we completed annual veldt grass controls for Kings Park Botanical Gardens. The team worked on the areas which had a combination of native and non-indigenous grasses, selectively applying herbicide and spot spraying to the introduced species only.

We currently have four 4WD vehicles equipped with new Quikspray units and kitted to mine specifications.

Our services include:

  • mechanical weed removal
  • broad acre herbicide application
  • aquatic weed control
  • weed suppression through mat installation
  • herbicide trials and application via 4WD Mules
  • selective and non-selective herbicide applications
  • fire break installation
  • weed control and mapping

Project spotlight: Winter Coastal Rehabilitation Program

Period: 2020
City of Joondalup, City of Wanneroo, and the Australian Defence Force

Our qualified team recently completed our largest rehabilitation project to date. Over 127,000 seedlings were installed along the northern coastline between Swanbourne and Two Rocks. We conducted efficient site preparation, wind break and coir mesh installation, and comprehensive project management to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Qualifications and training

We pride ourselves on our capacity to deliver Perth’s best environmental management services using a highly skilled workforce.

Our multi-disciplined staff have a diverse range of qualifications, including: BSc (Environmental Science), BSc (Zoology), BSc (Marine Biology), and Certificate/Diploma Land Management. On ground staff are provided with extensive training, which includes:

  • Safe Handling and Awareness of Reptiles
  • Pest Management Licence through the Department of Health
  • Treat weeds RTC240A
  • Prepare and apply chemicals RTC3704A
  • Commercial Producers’ Seed Collection Licence
  • Operate and maintain chainsaws RTC2304A
  • 4WD driving course – Bob Cooper Outback Survival P/L

We’re also certified with: Traffic Management Control, Senior First Aid – Workplace Level 2, Construction Safety Awareness (White card), Work Safely at Heights CPCCCM1006A, and the Application of OSH requirements, policies, and procedures in the Construction Industry CPCCOHS2001A.

Your project is safe in our hands

No matter what the conditions, we have the resources and expertise to handle any situation.

And if you’ve got a large project, we’ve got a wide variety of services available. Together with our Property and Fire & Electrical Services, Wholesale Nursery, and Packaging & Warehousing no project is too difficult to manage.

We can offer you a convenient, cost effective, and comprehensive packaged service.

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