03 May
Environmental leads seed collection training program

Environmental leads seed collection training program

In mid-March Workpower launched a comprehensive seed collection training program on behalf of Perth Natural Resource Management. This 12 week program enables attendees to develop the skills and knowledge to find employment in the environmental industry. 

The program is led by the expert Environmental Services team who specialise in WA natives and have completed many rehabilitation projects. 

Seed collection program objectives 

From March to April 20 attendees led by Project Manager Kelly will complete seed collection over various sites. This includes areas in the City of JoondalupArmadale, and Shire of Mundaring. We’ve also partnered with Water Corporation to access bushland area around dams for collection. 

As part of the program, attendees will learn about: 

  • Seed identification 
  • Collection methods 
  • Cleaning and processing techniques 
  • Seed storage and care 
  • Occupation health and safety requirements 

Attendees gain knowledge in the equipment, processes, and licences required when collecting seed. Once collected, the seed needs to be cleaned, labelled, and stored in accordance to RIAWA accreditation standards.  

As part of their training they will also complete a first aid course. This ensures they complete the program with adequate skills to work in the industry.  

Environmental benefits 

The Workpower team are focusing on collecting seeds to build the habitat of endangered animals. This includes the endangered Carnaby’s black cockatoo and vulnerable Forest red-tailed black cockatoo. Once processed, seeds can be used to rebuild their threatened habitat. 

Other seeds collected by our team are used for rehabilitation and planting projects across WA. For example we completed a direct seeding project in 2018 across various local government reserves. Using native seed protects and strengthens our state’s unique biodiversity for the future. 

See more about the scope of works completed by our Environmental team. For further details contact us at (08) 9375 4950 or on email.