03 Jan
Environmental Services protects City of Wanneroo reserves

Environmental Services protects City of Wanneroo reserves

The City of Wanneroo is home to a wealth of beautiful national parks, foreshores, and reserves. In order to preserve these precious areas, the City have reached out to our Environmental Services for help. 

Our team has previously managed reserves for the City of Wanneroo, as well as the City of Cockburn and Rockingham. We are well accustomed to the requirements of this region with extensive experience working across the Swan Coastal region. 

Contract details 

Client: City of Wanneroo 

Period: May 2019 – 2021 

Location: Offset sites, conservation reserves, and foreshore reserves in the City of Wanneroo 


  • Tree guard installation  
  • Large scale plant installation  
  • Vegetation and weed control 
  • Waste management and disposal 
  • Watering and ongoing maintenance 

During the winter months we installed a large number of WA native plants and trees. These were specially grown from our Wholesale Nursery and are a suitable choice for revegetation. We then installed tree guards and managed weeds and vegetation in order for the new plants to develop. 

Once developed, our experienced Environmental team routinely provide ongoing waste disposal, maintenance, and watering where needed. We look after 20 – 30 reserves at a time and make sure each one is in optimal condition ahead of the dry summer season. 

Rewarding work 

This contract is great for our Environmental team, who will be there to help the saplings flourish into a lush native landscape. Maintaining these natural reserves is critical to safeguarding WA’s unique and rich biology. It also means the community can continue to enjoy the landscape for generations to come. 

Alongside environmental conservation, the work helps our Nursery employees build experience and leads to more employment opportunities for people with disability. 

For further information about our Environmental or Nursery services, contact our team at (08) 9375 4950 or on email