08 Jan
What to expect from your Community Garden!

What to expect from your Community Garden!

The new year is in and we’re turning a new leaf. Soon our Community Garden will be available as the place for recovery, learning, and connection with others. As the opening approaches, we take a look at what’s growing in the garden.

A rough start

With the hard work and dedication from our team, the garden has transformed from dry land to an oasis. It was a long journey made more difficult with poor soil, bad irrigation the triple threat of the sun, winds, and pests.

But with smart landscaping and a rich knowledge of horticulture, the team nurtured the earth back to health. They built up shade and barriers and made the most out of the basic resources they had. We now have five different areas of the garden that can be used by visitors.

This includes:

  • A communal garden

Visitors can bring their own seeds, garden, and work together in this area. With one pathway and another for wheelchair access, visitors can wander around what will be clusters of small organic gardens with different plants and species.

This is the optimal place for recovery, relaxation, and connection to nature.

  • An Aussie backyard

With a red brick backdrop, a clothesline, and a wheelbarrow with flowers ready to bloom, this is our testament to the typical Aussie backyard. Expect to see lots of fruits, vegetables, and plants growing all over this little space in the next few months!

  • Propagation plots

These wicker bed plots are used for gardening workshops and where participants can grow their own plants. Take a look at the beautiful foliage that’s grown in only a matter of months!

The Community Garden is a sanctuary for everyone. It will be open to visitors who enjoy gardening, nature, and contributing to community. Stay tuned for more information about workshops and classes!

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