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Explore Supported Employment with us

Explore Supported Employment with us

Supported workplaces across the country provide a wealth of employment opportunities for people with varying disabilities. Here’s what’s involved in supported employment and how it could benefit you.

What is supported employment?

Across Australia there are more than 20,000 supported employees working in Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs). These range across many industries and roles, and are mainly suited for employees with moderate to severe disability.

When working at an ADE, supported employees receive support and assistance to do their job successfully where necessary.

For example, a person with restricted mobility may need the height of their workbench adjusted so they can reach their tools. Or a person with learning difficulties may need regular reminders from their supervisor about doing a task.

Supported employment with us

We’ve been an ADE in WA for over 25 years. Our six different social enterprises provide supported employment and training for people with disability.

Our workplaces offer:

  • the opportunity to do meaningful work
  • ongoing support that fits your needs
  • skill and career development
  • highly trained and professional support staff
  • a safe and encouraging environment

Our social enterprises provide a huge range of jobs and roles with different levels of skills, from gardening to cooking, packaging, and recycling.

You can gain experience and knowledge while making valuable contributions to the community, like Catherine at Catering!

It’s important to note that our social enterprises provide similar working conditions to other businesses. Our supports are flexible and adapt as you change and grow.

You also have the option to transfer to open employment or customised employment from here.


We offer employment in our supported work environments to people who:

  • have a disability or mental illness
  • registered with the Department of Human Services
  • are enthusiastic and motivated to work
  • are willing and able to work at least 8 hours per week

If you are not eligible we have a range of other employment supports and other services available, including community and one-on-one supports.

Get in touch today! For more information and to express your interest, contact us on 1800 610 665 or through email.

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