07 Aug
Exploring art through Expressions

Exploring art through Expressions

Six weeks sure fly by when you’re engaged, relaxed, and in the creative zone. That’s how we wrapped up our very first art therapy program Expressions last month! Attendants got the chance to cultivate their artistic skills, create their own masterpieces, and make new friends. 

A journey of discovery 

Expressions is our newest program that provides a space to explore creativity and connect with yourself on a whole new level.  

From June to July our first group embarked on an immersive journey through various art mediums, led by certified therapist Indira. Each session explored a different theme and allowed each person to express themselves in different ways. Our growing artists: 

  • Made their own sculptures with clay 
  • Got inspired with music and movement 
  • Harnessed their imagination through painting 
  • Recaptured memories through collage 

After exploring different mediums we used the final session to consolidate the techniques learned and reflect on our progress. We then finished on a high with some creative cardmaking! 

Connection through art 

With every session each participant grew more comfortable, engaged, and confident with the activities. The group particularly enjoyed practicing mindfulness and felt very relaxed and immersed in the activities. It was a beautiful, therapeutic experience which everyone enjoyed. 

“I loved making mandalas and painting,” said one of our participants, Daisy. 

Not only did they enjoy making art but they got to connect with others who share similar interests and make new friends.  

Everyone came together during group activities and supported one another during the sessions. The therapist Indira herself had a great time leading the workshop and felt enriched from the experience! Thank you again for guiding a wonderful workshop.  

It’s fair to say that Expressions was a big success! We’d love to run another one soon, so make sure to watch this space for updates. 

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