18 Jun
Fil starts exciting winter garden project

Fil starts exciting winter garden project

As we head into winter, one of our Property Services employees Fil had an idea to start a vegetable patch. So together with his support team he put together a plan to get started. 

What’s growing in the garden?

Growing a veggie patch is a great investment. It takes some work to set up but once your garden is thriving you can enjoy lots of fresh, healthy food year around. As an experienced gardener Fil was keen to take his skills to another level by planting produce. 

He spoke to his team about possible options and they were thrilled to help him out. And as it turns out, our Middle Swan centre has some empty garden beds perfect for the job! 

Making a plan 

To get things started, Fil made a plan which included the steps he would take to get things up and running. He’s decided to grow a range of vegetables and set a budget of $100 to source materials and plants.  

Starting a garden bed requires preparation and a full understanding of what’s involved. To prepare, Fil set himself some tasks to complete, like: 

  • Conducting research on the best vegetables to grow 
  • Sourcing materials and tools required 
  • Managing the project budget effectively 
  • Setting up the reticulation system  
  • Making a protection plan against pests and disease 

Setting the groundwork 

With a detailed plan in place, Fil was ready to begin. On his first day he and his support worker took a good look at the centre’s garden bed and assessed what needed to be done.  

With his gardening knowledge he weeded and turned the soil so it would be ready for growing. They then visited the local Bunnings to check prices for soil improver, seeds, and small plants. Not bad for the first day of work!  

By taking on this project Fil is expanding his skillset and gaining valuable experience in planning and managing a project by himself. Once grown, his garden vegetables can be enjoyed by his family, friends, and companions at Middle Swan. 

What a great idea Fil! We can’t wait to see what grows in your garden.  

Whether it’s gardening, playing sports, or making art, we support people with disability to pursue their interests and goals. Find more about our community supports by contacting the team today at 1800 610 665 or on email.