16 Nov
Find a bargain on Buy It Back Day

Find a bargain on Buy It Back Day

It’s been a big week for recycling initiatives, and we’re finishing off with a bang! Tomorrow is Buy It Back Day and we’re encouraging everyone to buy secondhand or recycled goods.

Read on for more info on why you should buy recycled or used and some great reasons to start.

A circular approach

Many of us don’t spare a second thought about the process behind the things we use in our everyday lives, like pen or paper.

A large number of these products are made to be consumed or used and then disposed of. But this process puts a strain on our resources and creates unnecessary waste. If we continue this way, we’ll run out of materials and endanger our environment and way of life.

That’s why it’s important to switch to a circular approach. A cycle where materials are made into products, used, then recycled into different items or raw materials, adds value and renews our limited resources.

Essentially, we’re giving back to the environment. You can read more details in this guide here.

For example, our Balcatta Recycling Shop collects polystyrene from packaging and converts it into raw material. It goes back into the cycle as molded picture frames and jetties!

Why you should participate

Need some extra motivation? Here’s some great reasons why you should Buy It Back this weekend:

  • You can find rare, high quality, collectable items when you buy second hand
  • Looking for a fun family activity? We’ve got something to suit every member of your family, even your pets
  • Don’t buy new; save yourself some money and get treasure hunting
  • Christmas is just around the corner! Get smart this holiday season and buy sustainable gifts

If you haven’t already made plans this weekend, make sure to drop by the the shop for all your retail needs! We’re open Saturday 7.30am to 4pm, and from 8am on Sunday. See you there!