29 Jul
Find support with the Disability Royal Commission

Find support with the Disability Royal Commission

For those interested in being involved with the Disability Royal Commission, it can be hard to know what your rights and what options are available. 

To support you, the following support services are here to help you. They are free and independent from the Royal Commission, the Government, and other disability service providers. 

It’s important to know that these services cannot make decisions for you, stop you from making a decision, or from doing what you want.  

Counselling help 

Sharing experiences of violence, neglect, or exploitation can stir up uncomfortable feelings in many. 

If you need help during this time you can access a national counselling and support service. Affected families, carers, and friends can also benefit from this. 

A counsellor can support you to: 

  • Talk about your feelings and emotions in a safe, confidential space 
  • Discuss a problem you’re experiencing 
  • Make a decision about sharing your story 
  • Connect to other support services 

Blue Knot Foundation 
Call 1800 421 468 (9am to 6pm AEST Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm AEST Saturday – Sunday) or (02) 6146 1468 


If you need support to make decisions or get involved with the Commission you can speak to an advocate. This is a free service available to all people with disability or family members and carers acting on your behalf. 

Advocates can help you: 

  • Protect your rights  
  • Share your experience 
  • Work through problems 
  • Find support and services  
  • Make the right choices for you 

Advocacy supports are also available specifically for Indigenous Australians with disability living in remote areas. 

People with Disability WA 
Call (08) 9420 7279 
Email info@pwdwa.org  

Advocacy WA 
Call 08 9721 6444 
Email admin@advocacywa.org.au 

Legal support 

If you decide to share your story you may be worried about legal consequences and want advice. Accessing this free service might help if you: 

  • Want to name organisations or people in your submission 
  • Have a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement that stops you from sharing 
  • Are worried that you or others will be targeted, feel unsafe, are in danger, or will lose services or employment 
  • Mention something from a current or past court case, or something illegal 

Your Story Disability Legal Support 
Call 1800 77 1800 (Monday – Friday) 

The Commission also provides counselling support if you are attending a public hearing, community forum, or a private session.  

This Easy Read guide (PDF) summaries all the supports available. And here’s a list of other local support services you can access. 

See more about the Royal Commission here. Contact the Commission on email or at 1800 517 199 for more information.