05 Jun
Finding employment during COVID-19

Finding employment during COVID-19

While community restrictions in WA ease, the impact of COVID-19 is already taking effect on our workforce. As unemployment rises many are dealing with the impact of reduced work and income. However this also has a great impact on those currently looking for work or entering the workforce for the first time. 

As disability employment service providers we understand the barriers people with disability face when finding work, let alone in our current economic climate. During this time we are working hard to continue providing opportunities for our people. This includes offering different ways to help them achieve their goals. 

There are many ways you can keep working towards your employment goals, no matter the situation. Here’s how we can help you. 

Get one-on-one support 

One of the best ways to get started is to speak to our experienced employment team. We give you one-on-one support to get you moving in the right direction.

Start your Discovery Process  

Are you looking for work experience? Need help deciding what career you’d like? Or not sure how to start finding work? 

By completing a Discovery Process you will answer all these questions and more. We work with you to identify your skills and interests, set goals, and make an action plan. 

Now is the perfect time to prepare the resources and skills you need for when you start working. 

Build your skills 

You can continue learning and building skills with us, regardless of what employment opportunities are currently available. During your one-on-one supports you can learn to: 

  • Write resumes and cover letters 
  • Conduct industry research 
  • Manage your money and finances 
  • Find work experience 
  • Conduct yourself in a job interview 

For those looking to start their own business, we have a specific program to help get you set up. Our first Micro-enterprise workshop with One2One in April was a hit, with four entrepreneurs now with the knowledge, skills, and support to grow their micro-enterprises. 

Don’t wait to start your employment journey. Talk to us today and see how we can support you to take your first step.