19 May
Finding the Perfect Fit

Finding the Perfect Fit

There were a few factors for James Hammer to find the perfect volunteer position.

It would have to be a position he had an interest in, a position he could grow in, as well as a position located close to his home.

Working with his Support Coach Liz Spina, they looked together to find a position that really suited his lifestyle and would challenge James as he grew and became more confident.

Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre popped up on a search and after attending an orientation session, the rest is pretty much history!

Work Begins

As James requires a Support Coach to join him on his shifts, there was pre planning needed to ensure availabilities, but once this was sorted, James hit the ground running.

Starting with Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in June 2021, James was introduced to many staff members who all took them under his wing, including his supervisor Helen.

James has also reconnected with a friend, Louise, who works at Kanyana.

Working together, Louise has shown James the ropes from how to complete important paperwork, understanding what the animals need, and cleaning out their cages and aviaries. This has led to a love for all the animals and caring for them.

“My favourite part of volunteering at Kanyana is the animals,” James said.

“I love working with them.”

Having this support and guidance has left James with the confidence to work in these areas on his own, with just the support from Liz.

A Standout Leader

Support Coach Liz Spina has made mentioned James’ leadership skills that are starting to shine through.

“He has become a leader as we have new volunteers join us and James is left to show them what to do,” Liz said.

“He has leadership qualities and I am giving him more space as he is becoming more confident.”

James has even been taking care of the pre-release step, a very important step just before the animals are release back into the wild.

This job includes some unpleasant tasks, such as chopping up mice for the owls and hunting through compost for earthworms to ensure the animals are strong and eating so that they thrive our in the wild.

These aren’t glamourous tasks, but James never complains, puts gloves on and gets the job done. Another great attribute that James possesses.

Customised Support

Being able to work with our customers to work out the best possible supports that suit their lifestyle and help them to reach their full potential is so important.

Identifying strengths and goals is how we create more opportunities for our customers, their families, and carers.

Our friendly staff work around your schedule and can come to your location to discuss what we have to offer.

Contact us today to find out how we can support you!