05 Oct
Fire and Electrical hose testing and repair processes at Workpower get an upgrade.

Fire and Electrical hose testing and repair processes at Workpower get an upgrade.

Out with the old and in with the new!  Workpower’s Fire and Electrical department has adopted a more efficient method of draining the fire hoses it has been asked to test and repair.

“In the past, the hoses had to be winched up a 18-metre tower at our Mandurah site so the water could drain out,” said Bill Elliott, General Manager Fire and Electrical.

“Instead –  because fire hoses are now extruded PVC and no longer made from canvas – they can be drained and rolled without the risk of mould. For us, this means we’re able to squeeze the hoses clean through a considerably less bulky 1.5-metre framed roller,” added Bill.

As a result of the new streamlined system, Workpower was keen to remove its redundant drying tower – and with the team’s ingenuity and penchant for not letting anything go to waste, a potentially difficult and expensive undertaking was avoided.

Stephen Padley, Workpower’s Business Enterprise Manager, knew a climbing enthusiast who was in the market for a new climbing tower.

“We struck a deal with Markus Leone, owner of Safelift Consultancy, who agreed to remove the tower for free as long as he could keep it to use as a climbing wall,” said Bill.

The whole process took four hours – with a 100-tonne crane and a semi-trailer needed to remove the tower from the site.

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