21 Jul
First job opportunity for CJ with car cleaning business

First job opportunity for CJ with car cleaning business

There’s nothing more exciting than a first job, and after receiving support with employment skills, CJ has been offered her first paid position with a local car service business!

Building employment skills and independence 

Through periods of change, Workpower’s Support Coaches have been there to support CJ, including finishing high school. They supported her during her final year and helped her stay on track with assignments.  

CJ worked with her Support Coaches to build time management skills and successfully manage her workload. As a result of her hard work and determination, she graduated at the end of 2019.  

Since graduating, CJ has explored different employment opportunities with Support Coach Beth, with the goal to secure her first job.  

The job search can be daunting, but with Workpower’s support, CJ completed work experience placements through the School Holiday Program and developed skills to apply for different roles, including interview skills.  

To help CJ become more  independent and take care of herself, Beth has supported her  in taking on more responsibilities at home, such as cleaning up and helping with chores.  

When they go out in the community together CJ practices her budgeting skills so she can spend wisely on things she wants, like gifts for family members and friends.  

These experiences help CJ to be independent and make decisions about her future and goals. 

CJ’s first job 

After assisting CJ to clean out her car, Beth was impressed by her work and suggested that she could look into a cleaning job, given her attention to detail.  

Together they found a new opening at the local Sparklers Hand Wash in Rockingham. CJ applied for the job and was asked to attend an interview. Days later she was invited back for a trial! 

While she felt nervous, CJ also felt very proud of what she’d achieved. And as expected, the trial was a success!  

CJ now works part time six days a week at Sparklers Hand Wash with support from Beth. Her attention to detail means that she has the responsibility to vacuum and clean the interior of the cars that come through for detailing. 

Congratulations to CJ for landing her first job! With our employment support, your hard work and motivation have paid off. 

Support for CJ doesn’t end there. Now that she’s got her first job and is now receiving a wage, we’ll be working with her on furthering her budgeting skills and independence. 

Workpower supports people with disability to find their own employment pathway. If you’re looking for support then contact us at 1800 610 665 or email to get started!